Back From Charlotte

I had a good time at the Charlotte Regional last weekend. We came in second in a KO and 4th in the Swiss. It is always nice when you have good partners and teammates. Thanks to Mike Kovacich and the Feagins for a good time. We lost the finals of the KO on a decision I had to make.

I was North and held Spade6 HeartQJ DiamondKQ632 ClubA10843


The auction went

East          South            West         North

3Heart         Double            4Heart            ?


I chose to bid 4NT for the minors. Partner bid 5Diamond and I passed. Unfortunately 6 was cold. At the other table the auction started with 1Heart and our opponents were able to bid the slam.

On Sunday in the Swiss our opponents got to a grand in only 2 bids, a rare sight.

Dealer opened 3Diamond and her partner had

Spade—   HeartAKQ10xxx   DiamondAQxx  ClubAx

She raised directly to 7Diamond. She knew her partner must have KJxxxxx of diamonds and could count 7 diamonds tricks, 5 hearts and the Ace of clubs.