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This is a bridge blog. However, tonight I want to write about some other sports. Today was a special day. I am from Augusta, GA, and went to Duke University. I grew up watching the Atlanta Braves. Today was opening day for the Braves. Although I enjoy the games, I don’t usually get that excited this early in the season, 162 games is a long time.

However, this year is different. After a couple of years of failing to make the postseason, Atlanta has a real chance to make the playoffs. This is Bobby Cox’s last season as manager, and he is one of the best in the game. And finally, Atlanta has a phenom that is bringing excitement to the city. Jason Heyward is a name to remember. If the Braves are still playing in October, it will be because he meets the lofty expections on his shoulders.

Well, on opening day, at his first major league at-bat, he met those expectations by hitting a mammoth 456 foot 3-run homer off of Carlos Zambrano. Its early, and he will have bad games, all rookies do, but this looks to be one fun season.

Now to the NCAA Basketball tournament. I think this is one of the best sporting events every year. Pro players are more spectatular, but there is no other game where you see the raw emotions of the players like you do in college basketball. This year’s tournament, with its surprises, overtime games, and buzzer beaters was special. The final game was well played and, as usual, came down to the final possession. How fitting that Brian Zoubek, a little used player for most of his career, coralled the rebound that sealed the win for Duke.

After the game, my favorite 1 minute in sports every year. CBS’s “One Shining Moment” may be hokey, but the faces and reactions of the players as they win and lose is what College Basketball is all about. The two moments I will never forget are “Jim Valavano running around looking for someone to hug” and “Thomas Hill’s tears after Laettner hit the shot to send them to the Final Four in 1992”  There are other great sporting events. But for consistent excellence and excitement, I will take College Basketball.

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  1. Although I am not much of sports fan anymore, it was interesting to learn of your knowledge of sports. Watched just a little today of the Masters which should be of interest to you since you lived there one time.I have lost interest in most sport activities since I feel they are no longer what I called sports but they are now just more big business. Any way do not let it take you away from reading.

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