4NT always asks for Aces?

Last night I continued with my Junior coaching. I started with a partnership quiz that I passed out:

After each auction mark whether you think 4NT is

B (Blackwood)

R (Roman Key Card Blackwood)

N (Natural)

T (Takeout)

1)          1Spade         P          4NT

 2)         1Spade       4Heart      4NT

 3)         1Heart       4Spade        4NT

 4)         1Spade       2Heart       4Spade        4NT

 5)         1Heart       1Spade        4Heart       4NT

 6)        1Club       4Spade        4NT

 7)         1NT      P          2Club       P

              2Spade      P          4NT

8)          1NT     P          2Diamond       P         

            2Heart       P          4NT

9)          1NT     P          2Diamond       P

             2Spade        P          4NT

10)       1NT     P          4Diamond       P

            4Heart      P          4NT

 11)        3NT     P          4NT

There are no right or wrong answers. Each partnership needs to determine what is best for them. Obviously on some hands you would like to be able to ask for Keycards, others you want to compete and find the best contract.

My thought are as follows

1) I play this as Blackwood, not keycard. I am still waiting for an appropriate hand to use it, but if I ever pick up

Spade x Heartx DiamondAKQJxxxx ClubKQJ

and partner opens with a one bid I will have the perfect agreement. If all i want to know is Keycards, I can set the trump suit with a forcing raise and then bid 4NT

2) through 6) Clearly either RKCB or takeout are reasonable treatments. I like to use RKCB if we open a major. The chance of slam is certainly possible and I like to be able to ask for keycards. If the opponents have opened the bidding, or we open a minor, I like to use non jump 4NT bids as competitive, trying to find the best fit at the 5 level.

After 1Club    4Spade   

I would bid 4NT with   Spadex HeartKx DiamondKQxxxx ClubAJxx

7) and 8) These should both be natural and invitational. In 7 I should have 4 hearts and slam invitational values. In 8 I should have 5 hearts and slam invitational values. In both caes my hand is balanced, if I had a second suit I might show it instead of bidding 4NT.

9) This is RKCB. Sounds similiar to 7 but here partner has super accepted with 2Spade. He likes hearts and we are always going to play in a heart contract.

10) RKCB. Texas followed by 4NT should be RKCB. Jacoby followed by 4NT should be invitational.

11) This depends on what your 3NT bid is. If it is a weak gambling bid with a solid suit and no outside A or K, it makes sense for 3NT to ask if you have extra length.