This evening I will be adding a very special class to my weekly schedule. I have volunteered to help coach the Atlanta juniors who will be competing in the Junior Trials in Chicago this June. The Trials will select two teams of under 21 bridge players to compete for the Damiani Cup at the World Championships in Philedelphia this October.

Atlanta Junior Bridge  has done a fantastic job of introducing hundreds of youth to the game of bridge. We are also very lucky to have a very smart, competitive group that take the game very seriously. Every Monday night for the next several months, I will be working with Tom and Jenni Carmichael to help prepare the  Atlanta Juniors for Chicago.

This brings up the question, “What is the difference between a teacher and a coach?”  In my mind, a coach is not as concerned with teaching bridge skills but instead focuses on partnership agreements and the intangibles of bridge. More matches are won and lost by misunderstandings than double squeezes.

Tonight I have prepared some questions on 2/1 auctions  to help the Juniors firm up their partnership agreements. There are no right or wrong answers, but what is important is making sure both members of a partnership agree as to the meanings of bids. By the way, all of the juniors are so experienced and enthusiatic that it is my pleausre to be working with them.

Here are the questions I will be asking tonight:

2/1 Rebids

1♠  P  2♥  P

1)         ♠AJxxx  ♥x ♦xxxx ♣AKx

2)         ♠AKJxx ♥Jx ♦Axxx ♣ Kx

3)         ♠AKJxx ♥Jx ♦AQxx ♣ Kx

2/1 In Competition

1♠   2♦   2♥  P

4)         ♠AJxxx  ♥x ♦xxxx ♣AKx

5)         ♠AKJxx ♥Jx ♦AQxx ♣ Jx

6)         ♠AKJxx ♥Jx ♦AQxx ♣ Kx

1♥  P  2♣  2♦

7)         ♠Kxx  ♥AQxxx  ♦xx  ♣Kxx

8)         ♠xx  ♥AQxxx ♦KTxx ♣xx

9)         ♠KJx  ♥AQxxx  ♦Kxx ♣xx

Which auctions would a pass be forcing

10        1♥        1♠        2♦        3♠

11        1♥        1♠        2♦        4♠

12        1♥        2♣       2♦        5♣