Maybe I need 4 Aces before bidding 7NT

Here I am at another great Atlanta Sectional. Thank you to Dick Meyers and Bob Heller for running one of the best sectionals on the ACBL calendar. The fact that it is 15 minutes from my house doesn’t hurtSmile

So an interesting hand came up in the  Knockouts yesterday. Our opponents had a misunderstanding and bid 7NT. After triple checking that I was on lead, I doubled and led the SpadeA.

Well it was only a gain on 2 IMPS since our teammates, who have over 20,000 masterpoints combined also bid 7NT. However at that table my hand was not on lead and did not double since he wanted his partner to make the normal lead of the unbid suit. At our teammates table the auction went:

1Heart          Pass             2Club             Pass

3NT (15-17)   Pass      7NT

The problem was the 7NT bidder had a 20 count and knew the combined partnership point total was 35 – 37. He wanted to ask for aces but 4Club would have been natural and slammish in clubs and 4NT would have been invitational. Afterward it was suggested that 5Club might be Super Gerber but I am not sure I would try that without specific partnership discussion. I am not sure what I would have done at the table, but after thinking about it for a while I have two reasonable suggestions.

1) Bid 4Club and then hopefully follow it with 4NT. My views are that when someone pulls 3NT to 4 of a minor as a slam try and later bids 4NT it should always be RKCB. The 3NT bidder is always allowed to bid 4NT as a natural and regressive move however.

2) Bid 5Nt over 3NT. Usually 5NT is pick a slam, however if you get lucky and partner bids 6Club you can now bid 6NT which in my mind suggests you are inviting 7NT.

I think option 1 is best, but it is always easier to think about these things 2 or 3 hours later. Bridge is a timed event and it is much harder to make the bid in a reasonable tempo at the table. So the next time you bid a slam off two cashing aces, just remember that its ok, 20,000 masterpoints can make the same mistake.

In closing, my opponent at the table said it best. We can bid just as well as these guys and we don’t have a quarter of the masterpoints they do.

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  1. Overbidder says:

    When your opponent attains as many masterpoints as I, she will know how to bid the grand so that the cashing ace is not on lead.  Saves two or three imps every time.

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