One of the most uncomfortable system issues in standard 2/1 is what to rebid with a hand like

SpadeA5432 Heart2 Diamond5432 ClubAK2

In the early days of 2/1 there was no problem, 2Spade did not promise 6 and was used as the default bid. This would still be the expected response in Bridge World Standard.

Some people prefer to simply bid out their suits and might respond 3Diamond. The problem with this response is it takes up a lot of space and does not leave the partnership room to discover where they should they play. Frequently, responder must make an immediate decision between bidding 3NT or exploring game or slam in opener’s minor.

In Bridge World Standard 2NT is used to show a balanced hand with 12-14 or 18-19 points. One way to solve the rebid problem is to allow opener to rebid 2NT with hands that are unbalanced but unsuitable for bidding a new suit at the three level.

So here are 4 hands please indicate what your rebid would be with each hand after the auction started 1Spade    Pass    2Heart    Pass

SpadeAJ432 Heart2 Diamond5432 ClubAK2

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SpadeAKJ32 Heart2 Diamond5432 ClubA32

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SpadeAJ432 Heart2 DiamondAK32 Club432

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SpadeAKJ32 HeartKQ Diamond432 Club432

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7 Responses

  1. Marty Nathan says:

    Sometimes the old ways are best.  I prefer to rebid a 5-card major when no other bid is appealing.  That means 2M is the default rather than 2NT.  (2N would show stoppers in my preferred agreements.  3m would show extras.) Playing “Atlanta Standard”, however, I’d bid 3D which does nothing more than promise 4 diamonds.  I won’t rebid 2N with a singleton and thus won’t have to apologize when partner jumps to 4H.

  2. I hate it but 2S guarantees 6 so I have to bid 3D. If pard bids 3NT, we’ll be ready for the club lead.

  3. 2S promises 6+ spades, so we are left with 2N or 3D.  If we rebid 3D, we either have extras (16+) or have at least 5 diamonds (could be a minimum hand with 5 diamonds).

  4. I will always opt to bid out my pattern.  Therefore, three diamonds leaves me with the only option as 2S would always show six.  If I rebid 2S, I may end up in a seven card fit.

  5. Sam Marks says:

    Interesting. After a week and 19 votes some patterns have emerged. When no suit was attractive(1) 2NT was the big winner.

    When spades were stronger 2S became the majority choice.

    When diamonds were beefed up, a clear majority was happy to bid 3D even though they had no extra values or length.

    And on #4, even though the spade suit was as strong as in #2, it was a three way tie between spades and those who preferred to show distribution (although no stoppers and potentially wrong siding the contract) and those who raised hearts with a doubleton.

    For the record my choices would be 2NT, 2S, 2NT and 2S.

  6. judy foster says:

    When will you be teaching he 2/1 bidding convention? I ‘m an intermediate player using Am. Standard.  Must learn the 2/1 to be competitive.
    Please advise…judy foster

  7. Sam Marks says:

    HI Judy,

    Thanks for the post. Unfortunately, I just finished up a 2/1 class in December. I usually run the class once every 12-18 months so my next 2/1 class will not be held until next year.

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