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Gatlinburg is a small town at the foothills of the Smokey Mountains. To bridge players, however, it is the place to be in the Spring. Last year, over 3800 players came and won over 62,000 master points. It is by far the largest non-national tournament every year.


Junior Coaching: Overcall style.

This week we looked at partnership style on overcalls. The Juniors were asked whether they would overcall with the following hands Your RHO opens the bidding with 1 do you overcall 1 with these hands. 3 answers per question, a) you are vulnerable b) you are nonvulnerable c) you are nonvulnerable, Partner is a Passed […]


Hand from this week’s Duplicate game

Wednesday night I played at the local duplicate game. Midway though the session I picked up  QJT2 J43 AK AT95 The auction went: Part     RHO     Me 1     1        ?


4NT always asks for Aces?

Last night I continued with my Junior coaching. I started with a partnership quiz that I passed out: After each auction mark whether you think 4NT is B (Blackwood) R (Roman Key Card Blackwood) N (Natural) T (Takeout) 1)          1         P          4NT



One of the most uncomfortable system issues in standard 2/1 is what to rebid with a hand like A5432 2 5432 AK2 In the early days of 2/1 there was no problem, 2 did not promise 6 and was used as the default bid. This would still be the expected response in Bridge World Standard.